Get the Look: 9 Beautiful Wall Hanger For Plants Under $50

Looking for a stylish way to hang your plants? Check out these nine beautiful wall hanger for plants under $50! These hangers are perfect for indoors or outdoors and are effortless to install. So add a little bit of nature indoors and boost your garden with these hangers!

Wall Hanger For Plants

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What Are The Benefits Of Hanging Plants?

Hanging plants are an incredible way to add decoration to your home unconventionally – especially with the variety of wall hangers available.

Hanging them up on the walls or ceilings caters to extra greenery that can be highly decorative. According to research, adding more green into living spaces has increased focus and productivity levels. Hanging plants along walls also helps freshen up the atmosphere in areas with minimal care requirements throughout the year.

9 Best Plant Wall Hangers

Modern Plant Hangers For Indoors & Outdoors

1. Triflora Herb Garden

The hanger consists of a metal rod with hooks and adjustable ropes, which lets you change the length of the hanger and customize your setup. The durably crafted melamine planters, inspired by church bells – fit standard three-inch plant pots without having to re-pot.

Triflora Herb Garden

Triflora is a revolutionary décor piece that merges utility and beauty, creating an ideal solution for medicinal herb gardens, succulents, or vines.

With Triflora, you don’t have to sacrifice space or style when cultivating medicinal herbs indoors – it’s an ideal choice for those living in small spaces.

Product Pros

  • Ideal for indoor herb garden
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable rope

Product Cons

  • Rod length isn’t very long

2. Floating Plant Shelf

Look no further than this green leaf rope-designed hanging wall shelf! Here is the perfect boho minimalist decor.

Installing it is extremely simple and can be hung in any room of your house – living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, apartments, dorms, and offices.

Floating Plant Shelf

It will be an eye-catching decoration and a great housewarming gift. This easy-to-hang hanging wall shelf with macrame details gives any room the right boho accents.

Product Pros

  • Adjustable
  • Holds a fair amount of weight
  • Provides two different hooks

Product Cons

  • Assembling may take some time

3. Hanging Glass Planter

A hanging glass planter adds a touch of class and green to any room in the house.

Hang it with rope for an eye-catching minimalistic look that offers a great propagator for smaller plants such as succulents.

Hanging Glass Planter

You have three shape choices: water drop, diamond, or triangle, all made from high boron silicon heat-resistant glass that won’t shatter or break easily. This planter is suitable for decorating homes and works as a cozy and calming atmosphere in office places. Bring life to your home and make this hanging planter yours today!

Product Pros

  • Great for propagation
  • Sturdy glass container
  • Perfect gift for plant lovers

Product Cons

  • Only fits smaller plants

4. Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hangers have become a chic way to add modernity and elegance to any indoor or outdoor corner space.

This 5-piece set includes plant hangers for different sizes of flower pots—from ceramic, plastic, metal, and glass—to ensure that there will be one suitable for your beloved plants.

Macrame Plant Hanger

The unique design of the Macrame Plant Hangers provides a beautiful and natural way to display your plants while saving shelf space. Plus, the stylish pattern is sure to complement any decor you choose!

Product Pros

  • Fits various pot sizes
  • Comes in different lengths
  • Simple to install

Product Cons

  • Straps aren’t very long

5. Geometric Wall Decor

This original geometric vessel is the perfect solution if you want a stylish way to add plants to your home. Combining a simple and elegant design with endless possibilities provides a contemporary decorative touch for any indoor space.

Geometric Wall Decor

Whether you prefer small succulents, air plants, mini cactus, faux succulents, or faux sedums – whatever you decide – these plant hangers are effortless to install with their included hanging hooks and can be used for more than just greenery.

They’re practical enough to store office supplies or other accessories too! Look no further than this unique hanging plant option when considering ways to liven up your living space.

Product Pros

  • The perfect mix of boho and modern
  • Great for small spaces

Product Cons

  • Very small wall plant hangers

6. Wall Glass Planter

Add a touch of beauty to any corner of your house with these gorgeously simple ball-shaped terrariums!

These terrariums can be used as decor and bedecked with plants and ornaments to customize however you want. Furthermore, they make great holiday gifts for friends and family, adding a unique touch to your Christmas presents!

Wall Glass Planter

This pack of two wall-hanging glass globes is 4.7 inches in size, and their sleek, round shape makes them perfect for placing in living rooms, bedrooms, and even balconies! They’re also fantastic for special occasions such as weddings or Christmas parties.

Product Pros

  • Perfect for propagating plants
  • Guarantee free replacement if broken

Product Cons

  • The planter opening is very small

7. Ceramic Mountable Vase

Perfect for hanging plants and home décor, these miniature ceramic hanging planters provide endless decor possibilities indoors and outdoors. It can be easily mounted against a wall with a flat bottom and back or set on any flat surface.

Ceramic Mountable Vase

A mere 4 inches high and 4 inches wide, these unique hanging plant holders enhance the look and create stylish hooks in different places to make your home feel more lively.

Whether you place it on a trellis or as an accent along the kitchen backsplash, you can always depend on these charmingly simple vases to bring your space to life!

Product Pros

  • Perfect for small plants
  • Effortless to setup

Product Cons

  • No drainage hole

8. Boho Metal Hanging Planters

Are you looking to spruce up your living space in an elegant yet minimalist style?

Crafted from iron and finished with a high-temperature painting, these planters are built to showcase your plants no matter where they live.

Boho Metal Hanging Planters

Not only does this pot provide convenience with its adjustable hanger chain, but it’s perfect for 3-6″ potted plants or ones of similar size. And because of the lack of a drainage hole, you don’t need to worry about unwanted water droplets ruining your decor.

So why not take a step in revamping your home with this stylish and durable hanging pot today?

Product Pros

  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Ideal for small plants

Product Cons

  • It needs to be against the wall to avoid spinning

9. Rustic Hanging Vase

Made of high-quality galvanized metal and featuring a vintage finish, these hanging wall vase add a rustic, country sense to the interior style while providing an attractive way to display your favorite plants or seasonal decorations.

Rustic Hanging Vase

With a leak-proof design and sturdy handle, you can place it on any desk as a vase, store small sundries, or hang it vertically with the help of plant hooks.

Installation is straightforward as all the necessary hardware is included when you purchase these hanging planters. Home decorators can easily create an antique, rustic, farmhouse, modern industrial-themed space with this simple yet aesthetically pleasing hanging plant solution.

Product Pros

  • Adjustable length
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Good value for the price

Product Cons

  • The hooks don’t match the vase

Modern Wall Hanger For Plants

Rustic Small Wall Hooks

The extendable hanger gives your home, craft room, or outdoor spaces a decorative touch. Made of iron and coated with black powder, this hanger can hold up to 30 lbs and fit items up to 10″ in diameter.

The beauty of this hanger is its unique ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally – great for creating the perfect look, no matter your preference!

Included are also extra mounting hardware options allowing versatility as well. Hang festive decor like Moroccan Lanterns or Mason Jars, or use it in everyday life to hang housewarming Christmas gifts like small birdhouses or sconces!

With its durability and ability to spruce up any space, the extendable hanger is the perfect addition to your home.

Retro Iron Metal Bracket

Spruce up your home or garden with the vintage wrought iron wall hanging flower stand! It’s made of durable, heavy-duty metal iron material, processed with a retro-style distressed treatment.

It looks great with its exquisite and cute bird shape design and is also efficient in hanging various flowers, greenery, and more.

Installation can be achieved by screwing the screws into any wooden fence, tree (or even indoor/outdoor walls). This flower basket hook is just what you need to create a landscaped space and charming atmosphere.

Minimalist Wall Hook

Adding a unique touch to your outdoor decor is simple with this exceptional product that combines traditional blacksmith techniques with modern style methods.

Strong enough to hold up to 15kg, it will provide the perfect security for your hanging baskets, large wind chimes, light lanterns, or bird feeders. The plant hook extends 12 inches from the wall creating just the right balance between security and beauty.

Easily mountable on walls, balconies, and within gardens, this item shows off your love of nature in any area of the house. Its black paint finish is attractive and rust-resistant and ensures it can withstand even the harshest environmental elements – so you can be sure that it’ll last no matter the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Plants Can Be Hung?

When it comes to wall hangers for plants, there are endless possibilities! Imagine your wall transformed into a vibrant, luscious green wall of life. Hanging plants are an excellent way to bring life, color, and texture to wall surfaces at home or in commercial spaces.

Many plants can be hung, including ferns, ivies, vines, air plants, etc. With the right wall hanger for your plant, you can easily bring vibrancy and beauty into the room without compromising space! Enjoy the benefit of bringing some greenery in without taking up any floor space.

Aesthetic plant stands and holders create elevated arrangements with air plants suspended in their micro-habitats. If you’re looking to bring nature indoors in a different way, consider hanging some houseplants!

How Do You Hang Plants Without Damaging The Wall?

The best way to ensure that your wall is not damaged is by using hooks matched with the weight of your hanging plants.

For example, if you have to hang potted plants or baskets, use screw-in hooks or nail-in hooks, depending on the weight.

Picture hooks are an excellent choice for hanging lightweight items. These hooks vary in size and strength and allow you to alter hanging height as needed.

Use the correct fastenings to ensure that hanging elements are secure and won’t damage both walls and ceilings.

How Should You Care For Your Hanging Plant?

Taking care of plants is a great way to add natural beauty to your home.

To keep your hanging plant lush, ensure it is hanging in bright indirect sunlight and near an open window or doorway where it can get warmth.

Make sure you hang them with appropriate hooks strong enough to hold the weight. You’ll also need to be conscious of the amount of water necessary. Hanging plants require more frequent watering than potted ones since they dry out quicker.

Another tip is occasionally giving them a good shower from above with room-temperature water. These simple steps will help your hanging plant thrive for years!

In Conclusion

Hanging plants are a great way to show off your plants and add some life to any room. There are many different types of plant hangers so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. We’ve shown you some of our favorite modern hangers for plants that would look great in any home.

Be sure to choose a sturdy hanger that fits your plants well. And don’t forget to water and care for your plants! Thanks for reading.

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