The 7 Best Off Grid Solar Generators for Homesteaders

As people are looking for ways to reduce their dependence on the grid, going off grid to live is becoming increasingly popular. A manageable way to do this is by using a solar generator. In this blog post, we will examine the seven best solar generators for off grid!

Off Grid Solar Generator

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What Is An Off Grid Solar Generator? How Does It Work?

A solar generator is a self-contained unit that provides power to an electrical system without being connected to the utility grid.

The generator typically includes:

  • Batteries for storing power.
  • A charge controller for regulating the charging and discharge of the batteries.
  • An inverter for converting DC battery power into AC household power.

Solar panels collect and store energy from the sun in their batteries. When no sun is available to power the solar panels, the batteries provide power to the inverter. It then converts the DC battery power into AC household power to run appliances and other electrical devices.

The Top 7 Best Solar Generators On The Market

TOP Picks for solar generators

1. Jackery Explorer Portable Solar Generator

The Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro allows you to charge all your appliances, including hot plates and blenders! Of course, it’s also perfect for outdoor activities like camping or RVing in addition to home emergencies.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro

The SolarSaga 200W solar panels can charge the power station in 2.5 hours, but if you need it charged faster, then there’s always an AC wall outlet available!

The lithium battery houses two chips so that dual batteries can be protected, and four temperature core detectors ensure safe charging at all times.

Product Pros

  • 2,160Wh Capacity
  • 1000 Life Cycles
  • 3-Year Warranty

Product Cons

  • Quite expensive

2. Bluetti Portable Solar Generator

The Bluetti generator has a robust 2000W inverter making this power station power 99% of devices in your home, giving you confidence for any emergency. With 3500+ life cycles to 80%, the LiFePO4 battery cells are ultra-safe while offering multiple protections that will ensure their reliability over a decade-long lifespan!

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

With a 700 watt solar panel and 17 different outlets, the Bluetti portable power station is perfect for your next adventure. You can charge this generator even faster with dual AC charging or by using its carport!

Product Pros

  • 2,000Wh Capacity
  • 3,500+ Life Cycles
  • 4-Year Warranty

Product Cons

  • Weights more than the other generators

3. Baldr Portable Solar Generator

The Baldr Portable Power Station is a solar generator for homes or outdoor camping. It can provide energy when you need it most with its powerful 297Wh capacity, and this has been one of the best things about owning such an appliance–it never runs out!

Baldr Pioneer 330 Portable Power Station

It is a lightweight and compact power station that provides 3 USB ports for most mobile devices and one universal C-type port.

The portable generator has a fast recharge and can charge through solar panels or wall outlets in 5-8 hours. It also features an improved battery life that protects against short-circuit accidents with built-in protection circuits like overcurrents and overloads! This safety feature comes with handy amenities such as wireless chargers for your phone (and flashlight), so you never have trouble finding electricity again when exploring nature’s grandeur at night–or day if it’s bright enough outside.

Product Pros

  • 288Wh Capacity
  • 500+ Life Cycles
  • 12-Month Warranty

Product Cons

  • Very bright built-in light

4. FlashFish Portable Solar Generator

If you need a solar generator for your home, we recommend the most popular option from FF FLASHFISH. With over a thousand satisfied customers, their products have been tried and tested by many people like yourself who needed reliable power in times of emergency or disaster.

Flashfish 320W 292Wh Portable Power Station

These generators are built to last no matter the environment – be it hot weather with the air conditioners on or during the colder winter months using heat sources such as electric blankets.

This solar generator is a popular and budget-friendly choice for those who need power on their travels. It offers up to 320 watts of output, with two 1120 volts AC outlets and 12-volt DC ports that can charge your devices using the included USB cable!

The size and weight of this solar generator make it perfect for outdoor use. You can charge your device in 3-4 hours with an AC outlet!

Product Pros

  • 292Wh Capacity
  • Charges in 3.5 hours
  • Light and portable

Product Cons

  • Cannot power appliances over 320W

5. Rockpals Portable Solar Generator

The ROCKPALS Portable Generator has a pure sine wave inverter, making it safe for all your electronic items. Along with the generator itself, you will also find a 6 ft long power cord, AC adapter, and a 1-meter car charging cable so that this unit can be used anywhere without needing additional cords or outlets!

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station

ROCKPALS generator offers AC and USB outputs for charging various smaller appliances and medium-grade applications like powering your laptop or operating a TV at home while traveling with friends!

With an incredible battery capacity, this lightweight, portable device provides up to 250 watts. Connecting via its dual ports allows users ultimate flexibility where they need it most, especially during times requiring extra energy storage due to caregiving needs outside the profession.

Product Pros

  • 280Wh Capacity
  • 500+ Life Cycles
  • 24-Month Warranty

Product Cons

  • Cannot power appliances over 300W

6 MAXOAK Solar Generator

The MAXOAK Portable Power Station is a mighty unit entering our picks for the best solar generators suitable for living off grid. The brand is well known for both generator use and eco-friendly options, so this will surely meet your needs!

This particular generator offers 101351 mAh of built in battery capacity with 1000 watts, making it capable of high-powered handling devices like blenders and drills without any issue!

Another great feature about this product is there are two standard 110 volts AC outlets alongside one DC outlet. This allows you to use your appliance even when running low on gas or batteries by connecting lights indoors through its 45 watt USB C port – perfect if using smaller appliances.

It can charge from both panels, each with 200 watts output capacity (perfect if you have more than 1). It also charges faster when hooked up directly to outlets, partly because of its dedicated battery management system!

7 Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

The yeti lithium 4000 portable power station has everything you need when on the move. Its compact design makes it easy to take with you while still being able to connect to any place your journey takes us!

The Yeti is a high-speed charger you won’t regret having on trips. So whatever your adventures may be, this goal zero unit will keep all gadgets running smoothly with its dependable battery life and quick recharging abilities!

Goal Zero is known for its high-quality battery chargers, and now they’ve created an even smaller one! The new Portable Power Station has a 12500 mAh capacity, making it perfect for taking with you anywhere. It also weighs less than 7 lbs, so there is no need to worry about carrying an extra heavy generator around town just because this small device won’t fit in your car glove compartment anymore.

8 LEOCH Solar Generator

The LEOCH Portable Power Station has a built-in battery of 18620 mAh capacity and works with an output wattage ranging up to 2000 watts, making it perfect for use on your boat or at home when you need extra power!

This product offers support for 13 simultaneous connections via AC/DC plus USB ports, too, so there are no worries about not being able to charge all electronics simultaneously without investing more money into multiple devices just because they’re different types.

The LEOCH Portable Power Station is a Premium Quality Solar Panel & Battery Pack that can charge your devices at any time with clean energy. This pack offers up to 3000+ charge cycles and reliable performance for years thanks partly to its built-in BMS, which protects against problems caused by an improper power supply or connection issues during use! For faster charging on the go, you could also connect this device to up six 100 watts of solar panels–though make sure not to exceed 200 volts per segment because otherwise there may be safety hazards involved when connecting them all (SEI).

Solar Generator: Advantages & Disadvantages

As technology advances, setbacks become less frequent while advantages increases.


Emergency Backup

The latest portable and backup generators can power your home in an emergency. Whether you’re at the office, on vacation, or need extra energy for everyday use, these devices can come through when needed!

Not Reliant On The Grid

Many homesteaders are interested in using solar power to reduce their reliance on the grid. Solar generators can provide power for lights, appliances, and even charging devices like laptops and phones.

Low Cost

Investing in a solar panel is the most cost-effective way to ensure you never have an electricity crisis. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it, and within just one or two years of installing your system (depending on how much power they generate), there will be significant monthly savings.

Low Maintenance

Portable solar generators take energy from the sun, so they don’t need much maintenance. And unlike those that run on fossil fuels and have moving parts to maintain, these only receive it – storing up for your satisfaction through quality electrical power!

Clean and Renewable Energy

With the help of solar panels, it reduces your carbon footprint. These units are also ideal when there’s no electricity going around – they’ll produce clean power for home use without relying on fossil fuels like before. In addition, generators for off grid can heat a greenhouse during the winter months.


High Initial Cost

In the long run, solar panels can save you so much money. They’re an investment that will repay you in spades!

Limited Power Supply

As with any device, when you’re running many different appliances at home.

Slow Recharging Capability

The solar panel generator is an environmentally friendly power source that relies on the sun to recharge, which can be affected by weather patterns.

Best Solar Generator: Buying Guide

We know that generators for off grid can be complicated and overwhelming at first. But with our detailed specifications, you’ll easily compare prices between different models!

Battery Capacity

A solar generator with a large battery capacity will be able to power more appliances for longer. A large battery capacity is essential if you use your generator for extended periods or have high-powered appliances that you need to run.

Charging Options

Make sure the model you choose has enough power outlets to accommodate your needs and can charge via solar panel, hand crank, or car charger. Look for a model with an LED display showing the remaining power available.

Runtime is another important consideration. If you plan on using your solar generator for long periods, ensure it has a large battery capacity and a high-output inverter. Some models also come with built-in speakers and USB ports, which can be handy if you want to use them for entertainment purposes.

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller regulates the voltage and current from a solar panel to a battery or grid-tied inverter.

A typical solar charge controller has three connections: positive, negative, and ground. The positive connection goes from the solar panel to the charge controller, while the negative connection goes from the charge controller to the battery or inverter. The ground connection is for safety purposes.

Solar charge controllers are available in a variety of sizes, with the most common being 10 amps, 20 amps, and 30 amps. The size you need will depend on the size of your solar panel array and the number of batteries you are using.

When choosing a solar charge controller, selecting one compatible with your specific application is important.

For example, if you use a deep-cycle battery, you will need a deep-cycle charger. If you are connecting your solar panel array to an existing grid-tied inverter, you will need a grid-tie charger. Solar generators usually come with one or two built-in solar charge controllers. However, if you plan to expand your system in the future, choosing a generator with room for additional chargers is important. The best solar generators will have at least one 20 amp and one 30 amp charger port.


If you plan on using your generator in remote areas or want the flexibility to move it around, then a portable generator is a must.

First, consider how portable the unit is. Portability will be key if you plan on using your generator in a remote location.

Second, take a look at the unit’s wattage output. You’ll want to ensure it’s high enough to power all your essential devices.

Finally, check the warranty and ensure a reputable company backs it.

How To Choose A Off Grid Solar Generator?

Deciding to go off the grid is a big decision. You will need to invest in solar panels, batteries, and a solar generator for your needs.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is what type of appliances you’ll be running on your off grid system. The average home requires about 10,000 watts of power, so you’ll need a generator that can provide at least that much power.

Once you’ve decided on the type of generator you need, you’ll need to decide on the size. The size of your generator will determine how long it can run before needing to be refilled, so it’s important to choose one that’s big enough to meet your needs.

Finally, you’ll need a well-ventilated area away from any flammable materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Generator Do You Need Living Off Grid?

Deciding what size generator you need for off-grid Living is an important decision. The size of the generator will determine how much electricity you can produce and how often you’ll need to refuel it.

A smaller generator will be more efficient and cheaper to operate, but it may only be able to power some of your appliances. A larger generator will be more expensive to purchase and run, but it will provide enough power for everything you need.

To decide what size generator you need, start by listing all the appliances you want to power. Then, consult a sizing chart to determine how much electricity each appliance uses. Add up the total wattage, and choose a generator that can provide at least that much power.

Tips For Using Off Grid Generators

Following some basic safety guidelines when using an off-grid solar generator is important.

Always ensure the generator is ventilated to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep the generator dry and free of debris to prevent fires.

Finally, disconnect all appliances and electronics before turning the generator off.

When used safely and efficiently, an off grid solar generator can be a great way to power your home during a power outage or other emergency.

How To Set Up And Use Your Solar Generator?

Now that you’ve got your new solar generator, it’s time to learn how to set and use it correctly.

Follow the instructions that came with your generator, and be sure to tighten all the bolts securely.

Choose a location for your generator that gets plenty of sunlight during the day. You’ll need to position the solar panels to capture as much sunlight as possible. Make sure the location is also level and free of debris.

Next, connect the solar panels to the generator using the included cables.

Finally, plug in any devices you want to power with the generator.

Now that everything is set up, you’re ready to start using your new solar generator! Remember to keep an eye on the battery level indicators and recharge the batteries when they start running low. With proper care, your solar generator will provide reliable power for years.

Keep in mind that the generator will only provide power for as long as there is sunlight available – so if you’re planning on using it overnight, be sure to position it in a spot where it will get good sun exposure during the day.

In Conclusion

If you’re interested in living off grid, or want a backup plan in case of emergencies, an off grid solar generator is a great option. They are manageable and affordable and can give you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for whatever might happen. Thanks for following along with our series on going off grid!

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