Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hi, I’m Cynthia, a Canadian Prepper! It goes beyond focusing on the present and thinking ahead so that our kids can learn more from our example when they grow up (and hopefully live in harmony with nature).

I was not always a prepper… 

Early Life

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I grew up the youngest of three, with my mom being a single parent. From a young age, my family was considered low-income. I witnessed my single mom struggle to put food on the table for my two older siblings and me. Life was tough – it was challenging being old enough to understand the financial struggle while still being too young to get a job and help out. 

I always loved eating fruits and still do to this day. Back then, it was funny because whenever my mom wanted to take something away from me or ground me, it would be fruits. Obviously, I still found ways around to eat fruits. Growing up, we usually had to cut the fruit into quarters and share it with the family. The struggle was real. Safe to say, I no longer enjoy cutting or sharing my fruit these days. I’m eating the whole fruit, and I feel pretty darn wealthy eating it all by myself. 

Life Gave Me Lemons And I Made…

As I grew older, I took things into my own hands to stop struggling financially. For example, I played a trendy game in Grade 5 called Neopets. It was an online virtual pet website where players would earn “Neopoints” and buy virtual items for their pets. Also, my mom purchased a colored printer around that time, which was a big deal for my family. With our entrepreneurial spirits, my siblings and I printed out Neopet landscape pictures (wallet-size) and started selling them on our school bus. We earned between $50 to $100 per day – for a few days. Our fledgling business was cut short since we were prohibited from selling products at school, but the entrepreneurial spirit remained.

Fast Forward to 2018

I moved to Edmonton hoping to find a better path as I no longer wanted to only be paid hourly. 

Shortly after, I met my boyfriend, now my husband. 

Fast forward to when the pandemic started, and the news was plastered with headlines. It was pretty frightening at the time. We were all worried that we would run out of food or the bare essentials. At that time, we began to look into ways to prep and preserve food. 

Present Day: Who Do I Help? What Do We Believe?

CynthiaDrachenberg.com was created to document our journey and provide valuable information to those who live off the land or are interested in sustainable lifestyles. It also aims to teach families how to live healthy lives with nutrient-dense food, live a zero-waste life, and recycle as much as possible!

My husband and I believe in homesteading – it’s how we are getting started! We’re excited to teach you everything we know and help you get back to basics with a healthy diet and natural way of living.

In Short…

Regardless of where you start, you plan to go, and the action steps you take make all the difference. For me, financial hardship was a blessing in disguise from a young age. It motivated me to chart a better course for my future, and I am grateful for everyone who is in my life and will be coming into our life. I am overjoyed to help you on your journey as well!

Come Join Our Journey!

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